About us

Spotlight started in Amsterdam on Queen's day 1982. Own design Spotlight juggling balls offered in the Vondelpark with a “learn to juggle in 10 minutes or your money back (and keep the balls)” guarantee. Prior to 1982 there were virtually no sources for juggling or circus equipment in Europe. Flying to Brian Dube in New York was the route for aspiring artists. Other volunteers at the Elleboog youth circus in Amsterdam requested juggling material and Spotlight Circus Products was born.

The company has evolved continually moving from large to scaled production, developing focussed skills. Local sourcing and production combined with lean techniques are used produce an affordable quality product for the global market is where we are. Silicone Balls, Kendama, Silicone and Travel Hoops are the core categories each with its own challenges. Designing and selecting all materials and components has proven essential to ensure continuing quality and a long useful life. This takes time, dedication and patience.

Manufacture and design is what we do. A classic range suited to resale/distribution and one-on-one with artists for custom requirements and special projects. The store in the centre of Amsterdam offers a full range of juggling equipment, come on by.   

Our thanks go to all artists and recreational players who have supported us through the years.

Store address: Juggle-Store, Staalstraat 3, Amsterdam (open from 12:00 Tuesday thru Saturday)